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Suzanne Dyson
Owner, Designer, Sales Representative, Seamstress, Marketing Director and Accountant of
Ko Atelier Boutique
58 av. Des Pins Est
H2W 1N3

Sabrina Maisonneuve
Store Manager du Le Marché Mtl
24 av. Des Pins Est
H2W 1N3

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April 25th 2009: Buy Something Local Day


On April 25th, National Buy Something Local Day will take place in cities across Canada. We are a group of small local businesses that are calling the citizens of Canada and beyond to support their local economies during these uncertain times.

Did you know that 97% of businesses in Canada are small and medium size businesses that employ less than 100 employees each? These businesses are considered to be the backbone of the Canadian economy and while we’ve all heard about the large financial bailouts that are being given to the remaining 3% of companies that are big businesses, most of small and medium businesses are left to fend for themselves. “And the media doesn’t help either,” says Sabrina Maisonneuve, store manager at Le Marché Mtl. “When they start their segment on the economy with words like “crisis” and “disastrous” written in big letters at the bottom of the T.V screen, it scares a lot of people! We actually noted a huge plunge in our daily numbers the following days.” Without the support of their respective communities many of these businesses will not be able to survive such a drastic downturn in the economy and the potential negative impact, both locally and nationally, should not be underestimated.

Buy Something Local Day is created to encourage people to take the economic situation into their hands, to reconnect to their community and become more empowered by becoming involved in co-creating our future together. It is through supporting others in our neighbourhood that we grow stronger and build a healthy community that thrives at all times.

While we don’t advocate rampant consumerism, it can not be stressed enough that holding onto your money out of fear for the future doesn’t create a more economically sound future but, rather, the opposite.

Why help the small guys? Because small businesses help define your neighbourhood. They play a part in creating the flavour and character of the communities that we love.

On April 25th get out there and support your community! Shop in a unique boutique, eat and drink at a small restaurant and discover what your neighbourhood has to offer, you’ll be pleasantly surprise! It doesn’t matter whether it’s $1.00 or $1000.00, it all adds up. The ocean is created from millions of drop of water that on their own are nothing but put together they create a powerful body water that can create new and wonderful landscapes.

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